Debating Chamber on Prototypes and Ominous Objects (2021–22)

The Debating Chamber on Prototypes and Ominous Objects was a three-hour session held on November 16, 2021 on the fourth floor of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. It took place while pandemic restrictions were still in place. Participants were asked wear masks except when speaking. Each member of the MM-U was asked to invite two guests. No members of the public were given access to the event. The reportage of the Debating Chamber was not left to chance but produced by Eva Stenram (images, photography), Sam Parfitt (ethno-stenography) and two filmmakers, artist Jakob Karpus, and documentary filmmaker Thais Nepomuceno. The table upon which various artefacts and artworks were placed was adopted from a graphic rendering of the Liver of Piacenza.


Debating Chamber Preparatory Concepts

Debating Chamber Reportage