Eyeday, Tongueday, Brainday, Skinday, Lungday, Liverday, Heartday (2019)

In 2019, the MM-U, which at the time was located at the University of Art and Design, Karlsruhe (HfG), was invited by Slavs and Tatars to provide the educational program of the 33rd Biennial of Graphic Arts of Ljubljana entitled “Crack-up Crack-down”. As part of the course taught by Clémentine Deliss on Curatorial Theory and Dramaturgical Practice, students of the HfG collaborated on the furniture and the program for intervention, which took place over one week in July 2019. Twenty-five “Metabolic Chairs” were designed and built by Diane Hillebrand and her student colleagues. Some chairs had poles attached with mini-projectors enabling the seated person to place themselves in the exhibition and ‘spam the hang’, beaming images in between exhibits and auto-curating their own constellation. Calls were devised by the students and sent to post-docs, artists, and curators both internationally and locally who were invited to send in proposals for the different themes of each day of the week. The seven days were renamed: Eyeday, Tongueday, Brainday, Skinday, Lungday, Liverday, Heartday. Cécile Kobel, studying visual communication, designed the posters and printed materials. The chairs were transported to Ljubljana and brought to a different location each day. Visitors to the biennial including those who happened to be going to the museums in the city would chance upon the MM-U sessions that effectively ‘squatted’ existing exhibitions. The public was invited to sit down on the chairs and join in the seminars which lasted for three hours each and were directed by a guest speaker together with a student from. the MM-U.

First Concepts and Critical Analysis

Concept Paper

HfG Team, 2019

Visuals and Organs

Designed by Cécile Kobel

Trust and Alliances

Xavier Robles de Medina & Mathias Lempart


Phillip Staab

Eyeday – Inside Job

Ula Lucińska & Michał Knychaus

Reportage of Each Day

MM-U Opening

MGLC Tivoli Park


MGLC Tivoli Park


MGLC Švicarija Tivoli Park


Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova


Slovenian Museum of Natural History


National Gallery of Slovenia


MGLC Tivoli Park


MGLC Švicarija, Tivoli Park