Directed by Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov with Teresa Häußler

BRAINDAY investigates the relationship between human nature and science on the basis of zoological and natural history collections. Basing his session on a selective guided tour of the Slovenian Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana, Fedotov-Fedorov will uncover and discuss the museum’s collections and methodologies. Selecting specific artefacts, he will ask why certain animals are regarded as more important than others. Following his tour, participants will reconvene in the Metabolic Chairs to play a special game, ‘Which Animal In Your Next Life?’. Based on individual answers, groups will be formed. Against the backdrop of current existential conditions, each group of human-animals shall debate their chances of survival. The session will conclude with a presentation by Fedotov-Fedorov of his artistic practice with the archives and collections at the Moscow Museum of Zoology.