BLESS Concept

BLESS: as situation designers we would like to activate aspects of the DC group-work (the whole group) that we find interesting because they go conform with our interest of the moment and trigger new directions that we want to explore.

We see our role more in offering a service than in an appearance as a person (in our case we are anyway 2). In this first step it is more a ‘Regieanweisung‘ and it might interact with the planning of the other groups. So perhaps our ideas can serve as an inspiration for a protocol for the DC day.

We have thought and discussed back and forth what we believe is the aim of the MM-U and would like to announce that our focus is the situation of interaction with elements of a collection. Therefore as the ideal scenario we imagine a „Familienaufstellung“ (family therapy), where the elements of our collection are the participants that get positioned, brought in order according to their correlation.

While we have no experience with his kind of therapy, we imagine that each collection item will have a voice and/or will be brought to the space by hands or „worn“ by its human representative and voice (a mm-u member or guest) so that the element will have legs, is able to move in the space, to position and to speak for itself. We could imagine to work further on the exact presentation as soon as we know the exact objects that will be brought.

Consequently our guest would be a „Familientherapeut“ that would perform his/her practice with the objects/elements of the collection. We imagine this as a scenario in a space, where the act of setting is the starting point for the debating chamber. It would be something to work out with the therapist. perhaps it could become a choreography.

Furthermore we wanted to share and discuss with you the idea of preparation the invitations. As a possible invitation of this first DC we propose to send the actual object, concept, element of the collection to the people that each of us would invite already a few days or even weeks ahead, so that this person could live and work with or simply use the ‚element’ in daily life. This may be a concept that gets applied or an object that gets displayed or used on a practical level. In case that it is a delicate or sensible thing we could imagine to produce a copy, a fake object that can get distributed without concern. The starting point of the DC could be the natural exchange of experience with each element and would help to present and document (fotos, videos, drawings, performative) the collection.

Our Object:
Referring to clémentines questions on what the object could be that we bring in, it would be indeed the N°00 furwig that is at present already at her place, as it represents our starting point, yet it incarnates also contemporary problematics.

Questions, timeline / practical aspects:
In order to start working on the project and to get things decided and ready for september (we doubt though, that we will be able to work on a bigger project in such a short time, but are willing to give it a try) we would need to know the following asap:

-are we allowed to touch, de-/ or reconstruct parts of the installation?
-in case of physical reaction to the space and the objects, is there a budget for transport and labour?
-if we would decide to involve other people, helpers – would there be a daily rate that we can offer (statisten obulus?)

Liebe Grüsse,