List of Prototypes and Ominous Objects

Flux Divorce Box, Geoffrey Hendricks, 1973
(Archivio Conz)

Collage with hand-written letter, shipping envelope, and book in wooden box, Alison Knowles, 1997
(Archivio Conz)

Fur Wig, 00, 1996

Hairbrush made from the hair of participants in Debating Chamber
(BLESS, Hiroyuki Sugihara)

Plastic Madonna used in an Italian TV program
(Matthias Bruhn)

Registration form for antiquities, Nigeria, 1974
(Clémentine Deliss)

Wooden form used for performance costumes, Benin City, 2020
(Clémentine Deliss)

Rat trap in woven rattan, Lusanga, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2017
(Clémentine Deliss)

Pair of wooden lasts unchanged since 2002
(Clémentine Deliss)

Instrument for smoothing the shaft of boots once belonging to Lothar Baumgarten
(Clémentine Deliss)

Printed conversation between Marcel Broodthaers and his cat
(Krist Gruijthuijsen)

Sealed cardboard box as a proxy for an object non-present
(Iman Issa)

Written description of contents of cardboard box:
‘rund, schwer, glatt, schmutzig, grün’
(Iman Issa)

The word that is unpronounceable: ZZXJOAWN
(Augustin Maurs)

Bottle of red wine labelled S.I.
(Tom McCarthy)

Box of 36 coloured wooden cubes
(Matt Mullican)

Wall clock with one hand
(Henrike Naumann)

Miniature concrete reproduction of a section of the Berlin Wall
(Henrike Naumann)

Silk tie with embroidered dogs
(Henrike Naumann)

Set of wooden forks and spoons for bride and groom
(Henrike Naumann)

Three b/w photographs of displays of ‘Africa’,  Ethnological Museum in Berlin Dahlem
(Margareta von Oswald)

Neolithic arrowhead and coccyx bone
(Ana Prvački)

Welded steel letters used as bird houses
(Manuel Raeder)

The term ‘fiction’ as an instrument in law
(Elhadj Abdoulaye Sène)

Broken tile made from the land of Spaxomin
(Krista Belle Stewart)

Extract from P.K. Dick, ‘The Man in the High Castle’, 1962
(Sergio Taborda)

Two light boxes with Truisms and Inflammatory Sentences, Jenny Holzer, 1996
(Ivo Wessel)

Ceramic bowl and bottle of sesame oil

Fresh sheep’s liver