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Instagram: @metabolicmuseumuniversity
Youtube: @MetabolicMuseumUniversity translocates the analogue experience of working with collections and developing a “museum-university” into digital architecture, all the while retaining its experimental character. Available to all visitors is the multi-media documentation of past MM-U manifestations, the Library of published texts, and the Debating Chamber. Faculty and students of the MM-U enter with a login-in and are provided with a Bureau d’Esprit for visual thinking, as well as access to the Reservoir of collections gathered from museum and university repositories around the world.

Debating Chamber is the public-facing dimension to the MM-U. Each Debating Chamber is generally a two-three hour gathering of minds around an assemblage of visual material and immaterial items. Like an operating theatre, it dissects classification, clashes disciplines and pushes the boundaries of contextual information. The dates, times, and themes of future Debating Chambers can be found here as well alongside the recordings of earlier interventions.

Bureau d’Esprit is an online studio or personal office in which to gather materials, create assemblages from them, and undertake research. Faculty of the MM-U have their own Bureau d’Esprit, which they can open up to guests or transform into a Debating Chamber for larger audiences.

Reservoir is the MM-U collection and is understood as a living, transforming resource. It contains photographs, videos, audio files, and texts produced for internal use by Faculty of the MM-U. Elements from the Reservoir can be included in Debating Chambers or used within an individual Bureau d’Esprit. The images are available for research but we ask that they not be reproduced or used in another context without prior permission from the MM-U and the photographers.

Library holds all published texts and audio files related to the MM-U, including an archive of essays by Clémentine Deliss on research and curatorial practice. Faculty of the MM-U  can set up their own stack of concept papers and reading lists for teaching and research purposes.


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