Preparation for MM-U Debating Chamber

Notes on the forthcoming Debating Chamber on Prototypes and Ominous Objects made during the Bureau d’Esprit, July 8, 2021

MM-U Methodology:
Adaptive, transforming art analytical method – visual, sensorial thinking
Decolonial: based on ‘academic iconoclasm’ – no classificatory divisions between artefacts and artworks
Context, to be mediated, and then immediately suspended
Personal histories (of collections and collectors) are suspended.
Documentation is understood as integral to fieldwork and presence

Events/Debating Chambers – are semi-public or private

Loans to include:
Erika Hoffmann’s inventory box if possible
Ivo Wessel’s Jenny Holzer speech boxes
Matt Mullican’s cubes or glass slides
Ana Prvacki’s prototype

Henrike’s NSDAP doll house, Bless’s samples, plus each of us to bring something to the table.

Tarek Atoui’s recordings of the port of Beirut
Hahne Niehoff: Archival photographs
Perhaps something from Museum der Dinge
And more…

MM-U Collection:

To build a body. A collection of organs. To think of the collection as an interdependent corpus, a metabolism. A new research collection created by members, with organs and their capital – mediated to the outside

Organ transplant: moving something that belongs to the vitality of one person to another body. A temporary holding. Emanates vitality, desire and divinatory potential

What is a Prototype – an unfinished generators: artefacts, images, words, books, scores, memories, etc…
Choreography of Debating Chambers
Debating Chambers are inserted into existing exhibitions or displays
Different moods and lighting
Tables or platforms for artefacts (establish what is needed beforehand and what needs to be built)
Audience seating or portable stools?
Fieldwork documentation: to be filmed by each of us and by Jakob Karpus and Thais Nepomuceno
Sound engineer for all the sound recordings (individual mics)

Guests to DCs: how many?
DC September: only 1 guest per member? Or 2?

Actions for the next weeks:

1. Smaller working groups for the following preparations of the Debating Chamber on September 20th:

Mise-en-scene of DC in exhibition – can be subdivided into platforms, seating, situation design.

Tables for artefacts? Cabinets, Reisekoffer?

Ines, Desiree, Augustin

Invitations to guests – communications with guests

Clémentine, Manuel, Margarete

Protocol for event:

Tom, Matthias

Augustin, Luke, Henrike, Bless

Documentation of event:

Krista Belle, Clémentine, Linda, Jakob Karpus

Each member to decide on their contribution for September.
Please prepare short text from their particular position (in art practice, art history, literature, composition, design, law etc. ) on the ‘Prototype’.

Date for submission of each person’s final concept/context for first DC: 30th August

Post Production:
Proceedings of the MM-U print format?
Online studio, library, workspace?
Works and writings that mediate the MM-U after the event
Elements of first DC to be transposed into November session